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PrintProgram: Applied Epidemiology

Description: This Applied Epidemiology course provides the opportunity to learn how to identify, investigate, analyze, and control disease outbreaks. The 13 module course takes the student through all the steps from surveillance, investigation, analysis, development of a hypothesis, and implementation of control measures to evaluation of effectiveness of control measures and the development of a report.

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150xNDLS2Program: Core/Basic/Advanced Disaster Life Support

Description: Whether faced with a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or pandemic, The National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) courses provide the knowledge and skills health and response personnel need to execute successfully in a disaster. Through competency-based curricula, the courses emphasize all-hazards, multidisciplinary approach to personal, institutional and community disaster management. The NDLS courses are designed to help standardize disaster training for all potential responders.

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Program: Emergency Response Coordinator Online Course

Description: This online course is designed for Emergency Response Coordinators (ERC) of local public health departments. It introduces the student to the foundational knowledge needed for the ERC role. The five module course covers such topics as: introduction to disasters and public health, incident command systems, emergency planning, exercise design and planning, and at-risk populations.

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150xEx_DesignProgram: Exercise Design

Description: This 2 day hands-on, activity-based training is designed to prepare participants to be the in-house disaster exercise design expert for their facility or agency. The course is modeled on the DHS/FEMA 3-week disaster exercise design course for emergency management and first responders and also incorporates important elements of the 2-day HSEEP training.

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150xtableProgram: Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Online

Description: If you’re the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for your facility or agency chances are you’re under pressure to meet preparedness related contractual or funding requirements; you’re having to figure things out as you go along because you didn’t get a lot of training for the job; and preparedness isn’t your only responsibility or even your primary responsibility. This course is offered online and is packed with practical information and hands-on application that will make your job a little easier whether you’ve been an EPC for a few months or a few years.

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150xHICS-OverviewProgram: Hospital Incident Command Overview

Description: Staff turnover and changes in hospitals dictate the need for ongoing training on the principles of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS). This training provides an overview of the HICs in an interactive session to refresh knowledge and/or introduce basic concepts. Please note: this course is not intended to meet requirements for the IS 100.HC, 200.HC or 700.HC training that is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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150xHosp_First_ReceiverProgram: Hospital First Receiver

Description: This 2-day training provides hospital staff with an overview of hazardous response issues and the dangers of contaminated patients entering their facility. It provides them with prevention preparedness and response techniques to keep their hospital safe. This course follows OSHA’s Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers guidelines for Awareness and Operations level training. *Refresher courses available.

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150xhospitalsummitProgram: Hospital Summit

Description: A least once a year all hospitals and healthcare facilities are invited to join us for a Hospital Summit webinar. During this 2-3 hour event, representative from the Center for Preparedness Education, Nebraska Health and Human Services and other guest agencies provide updates on grants, policies, education, recent events and other news that could affect healthcare emergency response personnel.

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150xHICSProgram: ICS Position-Specific Training

Description: The Hospital Incident Command System helps provide hospitals a standardized way to aid response in situations that overwhelm normal operations. Part 1 trains each section on its responsibilities including priority tasks, a clear chain of command, accountability, communication and coordination. Part 2 of the training includes a table top exercise where sections begin to operationalize what they just learned. This training will help avoid duplication of efforts and provide assistance with documentation.

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150xtriageProgram: Mass Casualty Triage

Description: Mass casualty incidents are a public health emergency. Transportation incidents, industrial accidents, natural disasters and intentional acts create the need for everyone to be aware of the challenges that can be faced during an event where need is greater than a community’s capability to immediately respond. Individuals will receive training on the concept of Mass Casualty Triage and will apply these skills in in a drill situation. In doing so, they begin the process of planning how to mitigate these challenges.

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150xNew_pedsProgram: Pediatric Workshop

Description: There’s a growing need for specialized education regarding at-risk populations. Pediatric casualties create special circumstances that need to be considered in emergency planning. This workshop will address pediatric medial surge considerations in disasters. There will be two tracks – one for clinicians in the hospital setting and the other for pre-hospital providers in the field.

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150xSymposiaProgram: Preparedness Symposia

Description: To meet the needs of an all-inclusive group of preparedness professionals in Nebraska, the Preparedness Symposia is PrepEd’s signature series. The 1-day long event is held at various sites across the state bringing equivalent training and education to local communities. There are a broad range of relevant and timely topics each year, often times suggested by the previous year’s attendees. 

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Program: Webinars

Description: Educational webinars will be offered per request as topics are needed.

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